Reconnect during this Better Hearing Month

It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? Last Better Hearing Month, we were rookies when it came to social distancing, quarantining, working from home and Zoom calls.

Last May, we couldn’t have imagined that we’d go all summer, fall and winter without being able to hug friends, hold loved ones, see colleagues in person, or even be in the same room with vulnerable parents, grandparents and relatives.

It was a year of feeling distressed, discouraged and disconnected.

Hope is on the horizon

But as more of us get vaccinated, more places are opening up and more restrictions are going away. As more of us get vaccinated and restrictions lift, the ability to connect in real life is becoming a reality again.

Key to reconnecting is hearing. Yes, the hugs are going to be amazing! But once those are out of the way, there’ll be hours and hours of catching up to do. Reports of what we went through. Stories of what we missed. “Oh wows!” and “You’ll never believes!” all told and shared with a newfound understanding that levity and lightness might never be taken for granted again.

Hearing our best makes reconnecting more rewarding

As a difficult year of disconnectedness leads to a roaring era of reconnecting, we'd be crazy not to do everything we can to ensure we enjoy every moment!

If hearing loss is holding you back from reconnecting fully, use this Better Hearing Month to treat it. Treating hearing loss is easy, painless and more rewarding than you'll ever imagine.

You can start by answering our free online hearing self evaluation.

After last year, you’ve earned it. After last year, why would you wait another month?

We can give you an in-person demonstration of how new hearing aid technology can make your reconnecting more rewarding.

Contact us today to make your appointment!

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