Self-Assessment Test

How is your hearing? Can Professional Hearing Aid Center help you hear more special moments in your life? While no online test is a substitute for a thorough examination by a qualified hearing aid professional, this quick survey will help you determine if you should make an appointment.

Do you have a problem hearing over the telephone?      
Do you have trouble following a conversation when two or more people are talking?      
Do people complain that you turn the TV volume up too high?      
Do you have to strain to understand conversation?      
Do you have trouble hearing in a noisy background?      
Do you have dizziness, pain, or ringing in your ears?      
Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves?      
Do many people seem to mumble, or not speak clearly?      
Do you misunderstand what others are saying and respond inappropriately?      
Do you have trouble understanding the speech of women and children?      

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