Genesis AI makes a splash with all-new waterproof capability

Ever had a “whoops!” moment where you accidentally wore your hearing aids in the shower? Or sweated out a workout and later found yourself fretting, should I have been wearing my hearing aids during that? Or maybe Mother Nature surprised you with a sudden downpour — you guessed it — while you were wearing your hearing aids.  

Life happens to the best of us. Thankfully, there is an all-new rechargeable hearing aid that seamlessly adapts to your busy lifestyle — and won’t let any surprise (big, small, or wet) stand in the way of living a full, active life. That hearing aid is Genesis AI.

Completely reimagined from the inside out, Genesis AI hearing aids are designed for maximum durability: So, not only are they built to withstand dirt and drops — but also sweat, rain, and water.

That’s right — rechargeable Genesis AI hearing aids are waterproof.*

How is a waterproof hearing aid even possible?

So, how do you build a hearing aid that repels water, moisture, and sweat? Glad you asked (plus, we always love a good geek-out session):

Watertight design — inside and out Starkey has engineered Genesis AI hearing aids with more gaskets and silicone seals than ever before, to help ensure the devices are watertight and corrosion-proof. A full protective nano coating further shields the hearing aids both inside and out. Even the built-in lithium-ion battery is now fully enclosed to prevent damage.

Rigorous testing Even though Genesis AI achieved the highest protective rating hearing aids can get — IP68 — Starkey didn’t stop there. (Ingress Protection—or IP—ratings are determined by the International Electrotechnical Commission and assess consumer electronics for their resistance to dust and liquids.)

Determined to deliver the industry’s most sophisticated, durable hearing technology available, Starkey put Genesis AI through six more extreme tests to verify their durability.

These all-new — or should we say, all-star — hearing aids went the distance (cue Rocky theme music) without breaking a sweat. They even underwent an additional accelerated-aging test to ensure they could maintain their waterproof muscle well into the future. And guess what — they aced that test, too.

Benefits of waterproof hearing aid protection

Genesis AI rechargeable hearing aids are designed to maintain durability and performance, no matter what life throws at them (water or otherwise). So, while you don’t want to swim with them — you’d hate for them to fall out or cause discomfort underwater — you’ll still benefit from the wonders of waterproof technology:

  • Durability for the unexpected From the splish of accidentally wearing your hearing aids in the shower to the splash of a surprise “cannonball” at the little one’s swimming lesson — waterproof hearing aid protection has you covered.
  • Stay active without the worry Whether you love a good workout at the gym or a brisk walk near your home, you won’t need to worry about sweat slowing you or your hearing aids down. Like the power of better hearing, waterproof Genesis AIs allow you to maintain your favorite physical activities.
  • Capable in any climate Live where you want to live, travel where you want to travel — without worrying about the climate affecting your hearing aids. Genesis AIs can stand the test of humid climates, snowy winters, and other atmospheric conditions, thanks to waterproof protection.

Experience the maximum durability of Genesis AI

Rain or shine and anytime — Genesis AI hearing aids are built for living to the fullest. See for yourself; contact us today for to schedule an appointment for a hearing consultation.

- Content provided courtesy of Starkey



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