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Better hearing has arrived. Introducing Evolv AI, Starkey’s complete family of the world’s most innovative hearing technology that seamlessly connects and adapts with your life. Starkey’s second generation of the smartest hearing aid offers effortless hearing, effortless connection and effortless selection. Evolv AI hearing aids boast our most exceptional Starkey Sound yet.

Effortless Sound

Evolv AI hearing aids boast our clearest Starkey SoundTM yet and are expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment so your patients can hear and enjoy life. Compared to previous technology, Evolv AI provides an additional 40% reduction in noise energy designed to reduce listening effort. When it comes to effortless hearing, Evolv AI is the answer.

Effortless Selection

From our smallest to our most powerful, our most advanced hearing technology has a style to seamlessly fit into your patients’ lives. Evolv AI is the perfect combination of exceptional sound quality and a full line of discrete, easy-to-fit hearing aids. Custom craftsmanship and innovation has led to an effortless selection experience. 

Livio AI™ Hearing Aids are available in a complete assortment of styles to suit your preferences, and your degree of hearing loss:

  1. Invisible In-The-Canal (IIC) are the smallest custom style, IIC instruments site invisibly in or past the second bend of the ear canal. IIC are specifically designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.
  2. Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) are the smallest custom style, fitting deeply and entirely within the ear canal. They fit mild to moderate hearing losses and offer high cosmetic appeal as they’re nearly invisible when worn.
  3. In-the-Canal (ITC)  instruments sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. Because they’re slightly larger than CIC models, they have a longer battery life, and can host additional features such as directional microphones for better understanding in noisy environments, and controls such as volume controls. They fit mild and moderate hearing losses.
  4. Half Shell (HS) models fill half the bowl of the outer ear. Like ITC models, their size enables the addition of features such as directional microphones, volume controls and push buttons to activate special settings for different listening environments. Because of their size, they may be easier than smaller models to handle for some people and yet are still often disguised by hairstyles or sideburns. This hearing aid style looks similar to the ITC hearing aid when worn on the ear, but is slightly larger.
  5. Full Shell or In-the-Ear (ITE) models sit flush within the outer ear bowl. Their size allows the maximum number of additional controls and features such as directional microphones, which require space on the outer portion of the instrument. They use a larger battery size than the smaller styles, and can fit a larger receiver with enough power for even some severe hearing losses. Because of their flexibility, they’re widely recommended for mild to severe hearing loss.
  6. Standard Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models sit behind or on top of the outer ear, with tubing that routes sounds down into the ear that connects to an ear tip or earmold to secure them in the ear canal. BTEs come in colors to blend with hair or skin tones, and even chrome colors, leopard print and other funky designs to suit personal styles. Different BTE sizes accommodate different features, controls, battery types and degrees of power (larger instruments generally have more power than smaller ones). While many people choose discreet BTEs that are unnoticeable when worn, others are tempted to show off the cool designs.
  7. Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) models, are mini BTEs that have the speaker of the instrument incorporated in the ear tip, instead of in the main body of the instrument. RITE instruments fit mild to severe hearing losses. This hearing aid style looks similar to the Mini BTE when worn on the ear.

Effortless Connections

Evolv AI offers our newest and most advanced connectivity ever. With improved connection, more Android connectivity than ever before, and our best sound quality, patients can seamlessly experience and enjoy their favorite TV, music, and conversations. Evolv AI effortlessly fits with your lifestyle.

Hearing Performance

  • Exceptional Sound Quality 55 million automatic adjustments every hour to deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment.
  • Rechargeable Complete line of rechargeable hearing aids, including the world’s first and only 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids.
  • Edge Mode Putting AI into every patient’s hands with on-demand features like Edge Mode has proven speech audibility advantages.
  • Voice AI Thanks to the power of AI, this always-learning speech enhancement feature uses the wearer’s iOS smartphone to deliver an unprecedented experience for those with moderate loss of 50 dB HL or greater.
  • Streaming Enhanced performance now lets users enjoy their music or favorite TV shows like never before.
  • Personalized Memories Create multiple custom memories including geotagged memories like, “coffee shop” or “home.”
  • Remote Control Change volume and switch memories easily using a tool in the Thrive app.
  • Auto On/Off Automatically and conveniently saves battery power when your hearing aids are not in use.

Health Technology

  • Activity Tracking Tracks daily steps, measures movement and monitors more vigorous physical activity.
  • Engagement Tracking Monitors the health benefits of wearing hearing aids by tracking things like active listening.
  • Fall Detection and Alerts Detects when a hearing aid wearer falls and sends an alert message to selected contacts.

Information Assistant

  • TeleHear Remote Programming Even more flexibility and fine tuning wherever you are. Your technician can seamlessly make adjustments virtually to your hearing aids.
  • Find My Hearing Aids Easily locate misplaced hearing aids providing a location and a timestamp.
  • Tap Control With just a double tap, your hearing aids can be set to activate Edge Mode, Thrive Assistant or Start/Stop Audio Stream from 2.4 GHz accessories.
  • Self Check Provides a quick, convenient way to analyze your hearing aid system’s performance.
  • Thrive Assistant Provides quick answers to questions like, “how do I adjust volume?” or “what’s the weather?”
  • Translate Communicate with people who speak other languages.
  • Reminders Provides the option to schedule alerts for things like taking medications and other personal tasks.
  • Transcribe Conversations are transcribed into text that can be saved or shared.

Explore Evolv AI and Thrive

The Thrive Hearing Control app gives the user full control over their hearing aids using their smartphone. Like a TV remote, it lets people adjust volume, switch memories and manage other features that hearing aids couldn’t do until now.

Want to know more about the Evolv AI line of hearing aids? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

- Content provided courtesy of Starkey

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