Sensei Super Power

The more speech details, the more power to achieve your goals. Sensei Super Power is specially designed to help children overcome the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss.

Right from the start, speech comprehension is critical for your child’s language and communication development. We hear with our brain, not our ears. So the brain must be stimulated to develop. Sensei SP ensures a consistent sound processing approach that will give your child the best opportunity to get the most out of their hearing.

Sensei Super Power delivers high power performance in the smallest possible design. The discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) design comes in attractive colors, making Sensei Super Power hearing aids ideal for children of all ages.

You Want Oticon Super Power delivers
Access to inaudible high-frequency sounds
Speech Rescue “rescues” the soft consonants like ‘s’ and ‘t’, and copies and relocates them into a lower frequency range where your child can hear them, giving your child the ability to hear more speech sounds.
Get and give hugs without annoying whistling soundsInium Sense Feedback Shield SP controls hearing aid feedback, ensuring continuously high sound quality for comfortable wear during the day.
Allowing freedom of styleHaving the freedom to select a favorite color – whether it is proud purple or bright blue that catches a child’s eye - gives your child a sense of ownership and involves him or her in better hearing right from the start.
Free of allergens
Reduced risk of allergic reactions from the hearing aid’s constituent parts. The material contains no phthalates. Super Power hearing aids are hypo-allergenic.
Ideal for active kids, water- and dust-resistant
Strong shell construction to withstand children’s rough treatment. Rated with the IP58 classification, protecting it from the rough and tumble of everyday use.
Safe for younger childrenTamper-resistant battery door to keep batteries away from inquisitive fingers to avoid accidental swallowing
Hear the teacher’s voice in a noisy classroomFM compatible with dedicated FM options for schools
Professional Hearing offers this and other lines of Oticon hearing products for your child, and can help you pick the solution that works best for you. Contact us today for an appointment!

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