A New Year, a New Look

The new website for Professional Hearing Aid Center: redesigned for a fresh look and content intended to make PHAC your source for all things to do with hearing.

Some things get better through the years: Hearing aid technology has come a long way since its inception — from large, hand held horns, to compact devices one could actually fit over an ear. Later, rechargeable devices liberated hearing aid patients from the burden and expense of swapping out batteries.

Today's latest offerings have evolved even farther — such as NuEar's Now IQ™ — to fit fully in your ear canal, allowing you to be connected to the sounds that matter most, without the inconvenience, or stigma that would often come from larger hearing aids.

In that same spirit, Professional Hearing Aid Center also needs to keep pace with modern technology, which is why we now present our very own hearing blog. These pages have taken shape to keep our patients, both present and future, abreast of the latest discoveries and technologies that can help them better connect to the sounds that matter most to them!

On these pages, and on our FaceBook Page, you'll find upcoming articles that will inform, entertain, and educate you, the reader, with helpful tips and advice. We'll even touch hearts with emotional moments, like stories of patients who hear those important sounds clearly for the first time, a testimony for how hearing aids can do the same for you.

Welcome to your source for hearing technology in Pensacola. The future looks bright for even bigger breakthroughs, even more happy sounds to be heard, and we're looking forward to leading our patients toward that horizon for years to come!


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