Hearing Aids Bring Smiles and Tears on Mission Trips

PHAC's owner travels to bring hearing to other countries

You've seen it before, scenes on TV, movies and other media that show someone deaf hearing for the first time — like the joy experienced by a child hearing his parent's voice for the first time — likely even shed a tear over such a scene. Patricia Russo, our owner, sees those emotions play out in our office at almost daily as she fits people of all ages with hearing aids.
"They are going to have to take me out on a gurney. I love what I do! Every day is a brand new day. You never know what to expect and it's always got happiness in it." - Owner Patricia Russo
Patricia started working at Professional Hearing as a bookkeeper in 1976. She fell in love with helping others and started working to give hearing aids to people. Her own mother was hard of hearing and never fitted with a hearing aid until Patricia started working at our office. Beginning in the early 2000s, Russo began volunteering for the Starkey Hearing Foundation on their mission trips, helping thousands of others to hear for the first time.

Her most recent trip was to Zacatecas, Mexico, in May. In 2014, she traveled to China and previously took other trips to different parts of Mexico. Whether in Pensacola or in another part of the world, Russo has seen the tremendous impact a hearing aid can have on a person's life.

"They can now participate in life. There are people who have stopped going to church, they have stopped socializing, they have stopped going to restaurants, all because they can't hear." - Owner Patricia Russo

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is headquartered near Minneapolis and began mission trips for hearing loss in 1984. Last year, the organization fitted more than 200,000 hearing devices around the world. We are proud to do our part in providing this precious gift to those in need across the globe.

We encourage everyone to get a hearing check at a professional audiologist's office, since so many diseases are now linked with hearing loss, including Alzheimer's, dementia and balance. And with so many programs for those who can't afford to get hearing help on their own; income is no excuse not to seek professional help. 

We frequently see patients throughout the year as they come for cleaning and other services. These people are not just patients; they're like family to us. One patient who is a grown man now, was fitted for his first hearing aid when he was five years old. He still comes in to this day, and calls Patricia "mom."

Make your appointment today with Professional Hearing, and become one of the family.

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